Questions To Ask Before Signing Up For Massage Therapy Classes

If you feel that being a massage therapist may be the career for you, you may be thinking about taking the classes required to obtain your certification. However, before you sign up for massage therapy classes, ask the following questions when speaking with the school offering them.

How Long Has the School Been in Operation?

One of the first questions you should ask before signing up for massage therapy classes is about the length of time the school has been in operation. While a newer school may still offer a quality program, one that has been offering the classes for a while may have instructors that have more experience teaching the courses.

When asking about the length in which the school has been in operation, also ask about any accreditations the school and the teachers have. You want to select classes where both the school and the instructors are well trained, certified, and backed by a national organization.

What Types of Massage Techniques Are Taught?

Another question you may want to ask is about the techniques that are taught during the classes. Since there are numerous types of massage, you want to select a program that offers techniques that align with your career goals.

For example, if you wish to practice in a medical setting, you may want to enroll in classes that teach deep tissue healing and sports massage. Or, if you wish to work as a holistic practitioner, Reiki and Thai massage may be more up your alley.

Does the School Help with Finding a Massage Therapist Position?

After discussing the program and what classes are offered, the next inquiry you should make is whether the school helps new graduates find a position. Do they find positions and reach out to the businesses to place you directly? Or, do they guide you to openings, requiring you to apply yourself?

Especially when you are starting out with no experience, some businesses may be reluctant to take on a new massage therapist. However, if you come with a recommendation from the massage institute, this could help you obtain at least an apprenticeship.

Asking the above questions can help you gather information before signing up for massage therapy classes. Speak with a representative from the school offering the classes to gain insight into the type of programs that they have to offer and to figure out whether this career path is right for you.